Soft skills for a harsh world

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Hi. We are B:Spoke Students.

B:Spoke Students offers programmes designed specifically to help young people communicate with whatever they perceive to be an ‘audience’, and to do so in a way that is genuine, engaging and memorable.

These programmes, delivered by our team of highly trained consultants, do not aim to change personalities, but rather to enhance qualities that already exist.

Feel free to contact us to have a chat about our possibilities.

Matthew & Edmund


Other offerings

B:Spoke Communicators

B:Spoke Communicators is designed to help leaders of industries, CEO’s and other corporate professionals to develop their communication, media and presentation skills.

B:Spoke Productions

B:Spoke Productions develops innovative videos, mainly for our corporate clients. Who for example want to send a monthly business update, via a beautiful and smart designed corporate video.


  • The ‘Communication Fundamentals’ course was great because it felt like I got so much more confident in only a couple of days.

    Xavier (age 19)
  • It was great to be in such a small group because I felt like I could try new things and not be worried.

    Ellie (age 18)
  • The trainers were really good fun and they made us feel really confident.

    Joe (age 16)
  • The Communication Fundamentals programme gave me the ability to convey the best possible version of myself in preparation for university applications.

    Tony (age 17)