This two-day intensive communication skills course is designed to give students an edge. It will ensure that they have all the necessary skills to succeed beyond the classroom.

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This programme is upbeat, energetic and engaging. It will feature workshop sessions, additional electives, role play type scenarios, secure online videos and ongoing support. This is the first stage of journey that will feature additional communication updates and interventions at key moments of the participant’s future career development.

The specifics: The Workshop Sessions

We have created 6 modules, which highlight what we believe to be the fundamentals for communicating with conviction, and building confidence.

  1. Introduction and Principles
  2. Presentation skills and the use of notes & visual aids
  3. Handling questions and ‘off the cuff’ communicating
  4. First impressions and presence
  5. Managing nerves and exuding confidence
  6. Putting it into practice

Each module is one hour long.We deliver these modules in two, three hour batches. To a group of 8 participants. Each module will be run, managed and delivered by two consultants.

Our aim is to ensure that the learning style or processing bias of each participant is respected. We offer both an interactive, experiential approach as well as a more “checklist”, “does and don’ts” driven variant. This is a vital part of the programme as all subsequent practice and development requires an understanding of, and ultimately, proficiency in the principles we outline. In addition to these sessions there is a library of short video recaps, which will give each participant ready access to an informed resource if, or when, they need it.

For those who would prefer a more “checklist” approach each student will receive a “highlights” recap booklet.

Location of workshops – World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central. 

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All Communication Fundamentals Programmes are held at our convenient office in Central!

Price: $4,250/HKD


Do you prefer the morning session (9AM-12PM) or afternoon session (13PM-16PM)?

Dates for the communication fundamentals programme range from the 16th July to the 18th of August! Click either ‘Morning Session’ or ‘Afternoon Session’ to see a full list of dates.

For who

Communication skills are not and cannot be taught effectively in schools. As such, our participants are varied within the 15-19 age range. The course is hugely beneficial for students of all ability levels and backgrounds. In such small workshop groups we foster a safe environment where all students feel comfortable to challenge themselves.

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