In 2014 we helped over 200 students between 15-19 years with their confidence and fundamental communication skills. 2015: already more then 150! We’re rapidly expanding because what we offer really adds value.

Our team consist of highly experienced leaders in communication. Edmund has designed, developed and delivered communication programmes which have been successfully integrated into Hong Kong’s top international schools and Internship programmes at some of the biggest companies worldwide. Matthew knows only too well that it takes more than just academic achievement to get to where you want to be. He firmly believes that it is what he has learnt outside the classroom that has opened more doors than anything else. Now, as a teacher and pastoral leader in one of the top British Public Schools, Matthew has a unique insight into what is required of students if they are to stand out at school, university, and more importantly, in the world that awaits beyond it.


B:Spoke Students has a global mission to return to a time before most communication was rendered passionless and soulless, a time when spoken word communication moved the soul, stirred our emotions and engaged our imagination. We successfully deploy innovative communications skills courses in locations all around the world.

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